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25 November 21

Ballincastle Property Services Portfolio Image: Pets. What permission do I need for apartment pets?

What permission do I need for apartment pets?

It is vital to inform your solicitor, the estate agent or property management company of your requirements for your pet when you are looking to rent or buy a property. When you buy an apartment, it is most likely to be long leasehold. If this is the case, the terms of the lease will specify whether you are allowed a pet in the property or in the grounds and what if any restrictions there are.

All multi-unit development apartments will have a lease and house rules, which set out the rules that must be adhered to. Pets arenít the only potential restrictive clause in a property lease, and you should look out for others. If there is no mention of pets within the property lease yet the landlord refuses permission to keep a pet, they may argue that pets arenít allowed under a general nuisance clause. You could be taken to court by the OMC if you breach a no pets clause on your lease. The court would then order you to remove your pet from the apartment.