Property Management

We provide management committees and landlords with a range of services designed to meet their needs and reduce any amount of hassle involved in property management.

Ballincastle Property Services Service: Property Management

Ensuring value for money services

We provide ongoing financial reports We manage creditor invoices through checking, approval and payment of same We prepare an annual budget for our clients


We attend board/client meetings as required We advise our clients on compliance with responsibilities, health & safety etc. We ensure that we uphold property insurance and handle any claims that may arise Link with brokers

Rent Collection and Property Management

We provide a trouble free rent collection service for our clients We manage costs to service providers We support incoming tenants to ensure a trouble free move We act as an authorised signatory for property owners We maintain an up to date database of lease information

On-Site Services

Inspections of properties carried out regularly Consultations on-site with service providers as requested Administration of contracts for all building services Security, cleaning, caretaking, car park maintenance, waste management all provided We ensure that all repairs and maintenance are cost effective